Why is CBD oil so in demand in the market?

By | 16 December 2021

Year after year, the demand for CBD products is increasing in France, but also in several other countries in Europe. If many people initially confused this substance with marijuana, it is because they are related. But in reality, their effects are not at all the same. Normally, a product becomes popular when it is effective, and this is the reason for the high demand for CBD. Here is more information on its nature and use.

Hemp and the marijuana plant: two similar but not identical plants

The problems that CBD products had initially, and sometimes still today, have more to do with her family connection to marijuana. Indeed, confusion reigned around which plants produce cannabidiol and which plants are harvested THC (the substance that brings the “high” effect). While CBD can be extracted from both plants, you should be aware that they are not the same. Moreover, there are many regulations on the crop from which CBD is extracted, not allowing the production and harvesting of THC, on them.

CBD: an oil with multiple benefits

CBD is found in a very large amount of products today, from electronic cigarettes (in e-liquid) to cosmetic products. But it is also found in products that are consumed (candies and others) as well as in the form of an oil that is ingested orally, either mixed with other liquids or in drops placed directly under the tongue.

These products are therefore used by a wide variety of people with different needs. Those who exercise, for example, use it to calm muscle pain, to allow them to continue their workouts during the week, by reducing inflammation. The virtues that we grant to it, in e-cigarette version, but also in the products that we can eat or drink, are an anti-stress and relaxing action. In fact, studies have shown that CBD not only reduces anxiety, but also protects us against various mental illnesses, such as depression.

Other benefits under study

Since CBD is so in demand, it is also under the microscope of researchers and governments. In the first case, we seek to create new products and in the second, to protect the population against potential risks. But although new benefits are frequently discovered (against acne, diabetes and epilepsy), studies have shown no harmful side effects on health. This is one of his greatest qualities.