Workflow Development Status

Workflow Release Date MS & D No. Title/Description Status
Download Service        
v1.3 Oct 2012   Enhanced CoL Download Service:
Subgenus and lifezone now included
Changes in meta.xml as suggested by users
Import scripts are included in each archive
(but can still be downloaded separately)
Url to taxon in CoL added
Option to exclude specific source databases
Option to change genus output for synonyms
 v1.2 Jan 2012   Enhanced CoL Download Service:
Added Download Webservices (REST)
Import scripts for multiple platforms for SQL Server, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, SQLite3
Support for UIDs supplied by dataproviders
Improved handling for multiple requests for the same download file
Addition metadata XML file describing CoL
 v1.1 Dec 2011   Enhanced CoL Download Service:
Improved data selection,
Inclusion of original GUIDs
Caching of selections
 v1 Jun 2011 D4.1 Enhanced CoL Download Service:
Initial implementation according to the specifications document.
Download of the latest and previons versions
Download in the DwC-A format agreed in WP2
Option to make a selection of data to download, by rank or by set of fields.
  May 2011 D2.1 Download Tool Specification Complete
Piping Tool        
  June 2013 D4.2 Piping Tool Production Version Complete
v0.8, v1.3  Oct 2012 D12.1 CoL Placement Service Complete
  Sept 2012 MS34 Process Monitor in Test Complete
  July 2012 MS26 Taxon & Name Distribution-side Pipeline Operative Complete
  Mar 2012 MS21 Taxon & Name Distribution-side Pipeline in test Complete
  Feb 2012 MS18/21 Taxon & Name Distribution-side Pipeline in test Complete
  Dec 2011 MS17 Taxon & Name Supply Side Pipeline Operative Complete
  Oct 2011 MS10/14 Taxon & Name Supply Side Pipeline in test Complete
    D2.1 Piping Tool Specification Complete
Cross-mapping Tool        
v? June 2013 D4.2 Cross-mapping Production Version  Complete
v5 Oct/Nov 2012 MS41 Cross-mapping Service & Interactive Tools (Hierarchies)  Complete
v4 Oct 2012 D11.3 Cross-mapping Service & Interactive Tools  Complete
v3.2 Aug 2012   Improved Version of v3.1  Complete
v3.1 Jun/July 2012 D11.2 Enhanced Cross-mapping Service & Interactive Tools  Complete
v2.1 Feb 2012 MS20 Cross-mapping Service Tools (new rules)  Complete
  Dec 2011 MS16 New Rules & Techniques  Complete
v2 Dec 2011 MS15 Enhanced Cross-mapping Tools in test Complete
 v1 Oct 2011 D11.1 Preliminary Cross-mapping Service & Interactive Tools Complete
  June 2011 D2.2 Enhanced Cross-mapping Service Specification Complete
 Preliminary XT June 2011 MS7 Preliminary Cross-mapping Tools in test Complete
  Feb 2011 MS2 Preliminary Cross-mapping Service Specification Complete